Styling A Tipi Wedding Venue

I absolutely love a tipi wedding, in fact I love any kind of outdoor wedding set up, whether it be in a marquee, yurt, or perhaps you're brave enough to just be at the mercy of the British weather and hold an outdoor wedding. Perhaps it's my love of festivals that inspires my love for a tipi wedding, some of my favourite memories are from festivals I've been to where even the weather doesn't impact the day, losing a welly in the mud only adds to the memories, and a tipi wedding can bring about those same festival experiences, where light heartedness, music, booze, and being in a muddy field with your best mates make for those unforgettable memories. Of course Nana and Auntie Sue might not be up for bringing a pair of wellies and corn plaiting their hair, but luckily there's a middle ground with plenty of options popping up in the North East over 2020.

One venue I had the pleasure of working with during 2020 was The Hammer & Pincers in Newton Aycliffe, Co Durham. This is a dedicated tipi venue and has a very authentic/festival feel. At the end of this blog I'll list some other tipi venue options, each delivering their own experience to help you decide whether the festival vibe is what you're after, or maybe a more luxurious tipi which the North East is definitely able to offer. Remember however, there's also the most cost effective method of having a tipi wedding whereby maybe you know someone with a bit of land, or a farmer who will hire you a bit of land and then you work with a company who will supply the tipi and toilets. This is obviously a lot more work and planning, but couple's these days don't seem put off by that, and along with the options of having a celebrant wedding, you really could get married just about anywhere.

When it comes to a tipi wedding there's the go to style that slots in very well to the tipi: boho. 2020 highlighted some really popular trends but given that COVID pushed the majority of weddings into 2021, these trends are set to continue for a little while longer. One of my favourite things about 2020 was macrame, and believe it or not, macrame didn't just become a thing born out of lockdown boredom. It's believed to have originated with 13th century Arab weavers, but became most popular in the Victorian era, again resurfacing in the 1970's which is the decade where boho weddings pull all their inspiration from. By the 80's macrame faded out of popularity but millennilials are helping it make a strong come back.

This is my macrame backdrop and one of the most popular items I hire out. It stands at 2.2m tall and 1.5m wide making it suitable for a range of uses, and being so lightweight it's easy to move around, fulfilling use as your ceremony backdrop, cake stand backdrop, head table backdrop and selfie station backdrop all in one day!

This cake was provided by Jo from The Cake Place in South Shields and for me it completely epitomises a boho styled cake and matches perfectly with my macrame backdrop. Everything on the cake is edible, from the antlers to the skull! For this styled shoot I used macrame as the overall theme and used it in other areas too, from the chair sashes, centrepieces, bouquet wrap, and tassel chandeliers with macrame feathers.

Along with talking about 2020 trends, or just a boho inspired wedding, you can't not include a bit of pampas grass into the mix. Pampas grass took off big time in 2020 with an abundance of businesses setting up shop and selling pampas grass and other dried grasses such as the also very popular bunny tails. Because of it's popularity, pampas grass doesn't come cheap, but I include it in my centrepiece options as part of my 'affordable luxury' range. Dried flowers are great to work with as they're sustainable, meaning I'm able to offer them as part of my very affordable centrepiece packages. Of course the plus side of dried flowers if you wanted to go ahead and buy your own, is that you'll be able to keep them and have beautiful flower displays at home! I'll share a link at the bottom of this post for my favourite dried flower supplier where the fun for me is creating my own arrangements rather than paying for someone else to have put them into a relatively small bouquet for me, and charging me for doing so.

The final element I wanted to mention which has been hinted at from some earlier photos, is animals. Animals at weddings are one of my favourite things and really elevate your photos to the next level! We included a dog and a horse in this shoot, and I also styled my table decor with animal table numbers, as well as animal place settings. The fun thing about animal place settings is you can make them so unique to each individual guest, maybe it's their favourite animal, or maybe this is just the animal you think of when you think of that person, either way it's a fun little talking point and keep sake for your guests. If you like the look of them just get in touch and I can give you more info on costings as well as colour options.

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